​​​​Shanghai IoT Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 by INESA, First Institute of telecommunications technology and Jiading stated-owned assets. Shanghai IoT Company is the operating carrier and industrialization platform of Shanghai IoT Center. It has the R&D department, system integration department, R&D cooperation department and marketing department.

Based on the R&D efforts and talent of SIMTI and others, Shanghai IoT Company cooperates with important national technology plan, it provides solutions and products from system level, device level and chip level. Shanghai IoT Company is named as the Engineering Research Center of Shanghai IoT Application and the Professional Technology Service Platform of Shanghai IoT. It has already formed the production-study-research-use service system and can provide technology innovation services of IoT including R&D, Technical consultation and products measurement.

Since the company was founded, it has undertaken three National Science and Technology Major Project, one 863 Program of Ministry of Science and Technology, and multiple tasks of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the local government, and has made many influential achievements. Shanghai IoT Company has done demonstration project in the following area: the IPS of South-to-North-Water-Diversion, Sensor Networks of MWMC, high accuracy positioning system of smart warehouse, the Monitor Platform of Wearable Device for smart endowment service and the monitoring of fire hydrant in smart city. Shanghai IoT Company leads innovation and development of core technology in the fields of IoT.

In the future, Shanghai IoT company will continue the pioneering spirit of SIMIT which is the source of IoT. Meanwhile, it aims at the social intelligence that driven by the next generation information technology. Shanghai IoT company that adopts the thinking style of synergetic development of production-study-research have established 5G IoT operating system of smart city facing public security, infrastructure monitoring, resources allocation and healthcare. Shanghai IoT company builds the private WAN for customers (long distance + inconspicuous links), develops general-purpose hardware that have intelligent perception (multifunction + low-power consumption), and the basic platform software satisfying the common application of IoT (cloud + tube + end).


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